Marzieh Mohseni

BSc (Biology): [1995-1999] Islamic Azad University , Mashhad  Unit, Faculty of Science , Mashhad, Iran.

MSc (Molecular-Cellular Biology): [2000-2003]   Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Campus, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


Tel. No.: 0098-21-22180138

Address: Genetic Research Center- University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation- Kudakyar Alley- Daneshju Blvd.- Evin- Tehran- Iran

GRC staff  [1384 ]           

Supervisor of Hearing Loss project (2001-2005) (At laboratory).     

Supervisor of Mental retardation project (2005-2009) (At laboratory).

Supervisor of DNA sequencing (2009- up to now).

Training students who are involved in HL project and MR project.

Training students for Linkage analysis Technique.

  Training students for DNA Sequencing Technique.

Selected publications

Marzieh Mohseni, Behzad Davarnia, Leila Jamali, Atie kashef, Niloofar Bazazzadegan, Reza Farajollahi, Akbar Pirzad, Hossein Najmabadi, Kimia Kahrizi. Identification of a new nonsense mutation in the myosin VIIA gene in an Azeri Family with Usher syndrome type 1. International  Journal  of  Pediatric  Otorhinolaryngology (submitted).

Marzieh Mohseni, Mohammad Razzaghmanesh, Elham Parsi Mehr, Hanieh Zare, Maryam Beheshtian, Hossein Najmabadi. Novel nonsense CFTR mutations in Iranian patients with severe Cystic Fibrosis. Iranian Biomedical Journal (accepted).

Jamali, L.,Akbari, M.R.Mohseni, M., Kahrizi, K.Najmabadi, H.  Carrier detection in a normal individual for 69 genes involved in familial cancer syndromes using whole exome sequencing. Genetics in the Third Millennium.Volume 13, Issue 2, 9 September 2015, Pages 3994-4001.

Mehrjoo, Z.Najmabadi, Abedini, S.S.Mohseni, M., Kamali, K., Najmabadi, H.Khorshid, H.R.K.. Association study of the TREM2 gene and identification of a novel variant in exon 2 in iranian patients with late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Medical Principles and Practice. Volume 24, Issue 4, 2015, Pages 351-354.

Sloan-Heggen CM, Babanejad M, Beheshtian M, Simpson AC, Booth KT, Ardalani F, Frees KL, Mohseni M, Mozafari R, Mehrjoo Z, Jamali L, Vaziri S, Akhtarkhavari T, Bazazzadegan N, Nikzat N, Arzhangi S, Sabbagh F, Otukesh H, Seifati SM, Khodaei H, Taghdiri M, Meyer NC, Daneshi A, Farhadi M, Kahrizi K, Smith RJ, Azaiez H, Najmabadi H. Characterising the spectrum of autosomal recessive hereditary hearing loss in Iran. J Med Genet. 2015 Oct 7.