Advanced Cancer Genetics (Ph.D)

  1. Introduction, history and importance, classification and staging                         
  2. Tumor growth (tumorigenesis) and metastasis                                                      
  3. Control of cell cycle, growth regulation and cancer developmental genes        
  4. Cellular oncogenes and their activation                                                                 
  5. Structure and function of oncogenes and tumor suppressor proteins                
  6. Telomere, telomerase and cancer                                                                             
  7. Cytogenetic of cancer (chromosomal translocation)    (1)                                     
  8. Cytogenetic of cancer (chromosomal translocation)    (2)                                   
  9. Cancer syndromes and mechanisms of early diagnosis of cancer                        
  10. Genetic counseling and decrease of cancer risk                                                      
  11. Viral oncogenes, retroviruses, structure and function of oncogenic proteins         
  12. Gene amplification and imprinting in human cancers                                          
  13. Developmental genes and cancer                                                                             
  14. Apoptosis and cancer                                                                                                   
  15. Molecular genetic of metastasis                                                                             
  16. Nanotechnology and molecular genetic of cancer